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Here's a great place to find information and resources on weird facts and a host of relevant topics that are not commonly found. Interestingly enough, what some people may call weird however is only relevant to uncommon, bizarre, strange, or not usual but can turn out to be facts that can and should not be discounted.

Information that was was cast into the realm of strane or weird is now, in a lot of situations, seen in a more positive light, or is seen as something to be explored in much more detail, or in a much more open way to further our education.

Plus, you'll also find some weird factual information and resources that will lead you to discover strange facts on almost anything interesting you want on almost any topic. eird facts are also those that is information or facts about a common event that we do not often question. We take for granted many facts that when explained or explored appear weird.

We will be steadily adding new funny, unusual, strange, bizarre, or just plain old fascinating fact that is usually not readily available. The facts will allow you to research, or at least, start the process of adding to and building upon sources of learning that can help you understand and evaluate those happenings, circumstances and events throughout our daily lives, and offer, at times, a glimpse into issues around the world.

Each one of us uses some of these weird, unusal, or strange facts from time to time. The most we use bizarre, fascinating, or strange facts is usually when we are searching a new project, or, at the very least, material that can entertain in a special speech for an office meeting, or some kind of seminar or learning environment like an add on factual course.

Weird Fact for Your Week
Why are rain clouds dark?
Fact: Water particles when small reflect light and when particles become large enough to form rain, they do not reflect light and, therefore, appear dark.

Follow the pages below and you'll see some of these weird facts of which I speak.

Strange Interesting Facts
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