Strange Interesting Facts

The search for strange interesting facts goes on within a myriad of contexts and through a host of different reasons. Some of these reasons are sane given that this unusual information may be just what is needed to spark a presentation, or as a critical fact relevant to an opinion paper, or simply as a desire to learn new things.

While some bits of information may seem strange to some, it is the fruit of the request and serves to answer a specific need. During the course of world history, including some odd facts about animals, or the oceans, our world never ceases to amaze us as we discover an abundant of different things. For those who always wish to keep up with the constant and evolving world, we endeavour to help you uncover these pieces through comments and opinions.

Strange Interesting Facts:

You may not know that the number of bones in the human body of an adult differ from the number of bones in an infant. The adult human has 206 bones whereas the infant has from 300 - 350. The difference is accounted for because not all bones in an infant are fused until years later.

Did you know that it takes more muscles to frown than to smile?

In the setting of goals, especially true during the New Year's tradition of resolutions, that the palest ink is better than the strongest memory. In other words, it is always better, stronger, and more reliable to write your goals down on paper than to trust that your memory will follow through with the same strength of conviction.

The largest mammals on earth differ from whether they are on land or in the ocean. On land, the elephant is the largest while in the ocean, the blue whale is the largest.

Did you know that one of the largest slave trading nations in the world was Great Britain?

In the famous movie "Patton", George C. Scott was cast to play General Patton and not John Wayne.

The last person to be hung in Canada took place at the Toronto Jail (also known locally as the Don Jail).

The first country to invent insulin for the treatment of diabetes was Canada.

Thomas Edison didn't succeed in inventing the lightbulb on his first, second or third try but, instead, took thousands of attempts.

The world is covered by more water than land.

Even in winter, solar panels can get enough sunshine to produce electric power.

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Weird Facts
Updated: March 18, 2012

More strange interesting facts:

One of the football players in the Super Bowl was reputed to have been a grocery packer at one time before playing in the NFL. Who is it?
Fact: Quarterback Kurt Warner of the Arizona Cardinals

What can you use to clean the air in your house that is not a chemical spray?
Fact: Houseplants. They can act as natural air filters.

What simple solution can you use to reduce ionization from electrical equipment in your office environment?
Fact: A fresh bowl of warm water is an effective and inexpensive way.

Do you know what a back washer is?
Answer: Individual responsible for tending the machines that wash, rinse and dries fiber for use in the textile industry.

What is impossible to do when you sneeze?
Fact: You cannot keep your eyes open at the same time.

What food item floats on water when sugar is added?
Fact: An egg can float on water to which sugar has been added.

Alexandre Gustave Eiffel designed the Eiffel Tower and also the inner structure of what dominant structure in the United States?
Fact: He also designed the inner structure of the Statue of Liberty seen by thousands of new immigrants when they first arrive.

In medieval England, what beverage was oftenn served with breakfast?
Fact: As strange and odd as it seems, beer was often served

What country is one-quarter the size of the State of Maine?
Fact: Isreal.

How many grooves are cut into the circumference of a U.S. quarter?
Fact: 119, one more than a dime.

How many beds did Louis XIV have?
Fact: 413 beds.

Talk about common and odd at the same time is to know how many people had the name Smith in the 1975 Manhattan phonebook.
Fact: There were 2,282 Smiths.

Do you know how many Oscar awards Walt Disney Productions had by 1977?

How many drops of water does it take to fill a teaspoon?
Fact:120 drops of water.

What famous blind entertainer was told by his teacher that he couldn't play the piano or sing?
Fact:Ray Charles.

Which woodwind instrument is considered to be the most difficult to play well and correctly?
Fact: The oboe.

What was the first manufactured product exported from the United States?
Fact: Tar having been shipped from Virginia to England in 1608.

The famous nineteenth century bullfiget who was known as Lagartijo killed how many bulls through his career?
Fact: 4,867 bulls.

What did ancient Egyptians use to rest their head on when they slept?
Fact: A pillow made of stone.

Famous celebreties often change their real name. What was Dean Martin's real name?
Fact: Dino Crocetti.

In what decade was the term "geriatric" first developed? Was it 1940s, 1950s, 1960s,1970s, or 1980s<
Fact: Geriatric was not used until the 1950s

In what year did the practice of identifying baseball team players begin by a number?
Fact: Began with the New York Yankees in 1929.

What famous college was founded in 1636 and was surrounded by a tall stockade?
Fact: Harvard College .

Is Bamboo a tree?
Fact: Bamboo is not a tree but a wood grass.

Who was the first person to direct the first talking picture?
Fact: Alfred Hitchcock in 1931 for the movie "Blackmail"

What language consists of only 340 words?
Fact: The language of Taki spoken in some parts of French Guinea.

How many members were in the American air force at the beginning of World War 1?
Fact:Fifty men.

How long does it take for Vintage port to mature?
Fact: Forty years.

Why is a bubble round?
Fact: Because the air inside presses equally against all sides thus causing all surfaces to be the same distance from its center.

What was the first coin minted in the United States?
Fact: It was a silver dollar minted October 15, 1794.

How many years does it take for one layer of cork to grow on a cork tree?
Fact: More than ten years.

Where did the term "doubleheader" originate from?
Fact: The term orignally is attributed to the railroad when two engines were hooked back to back on a single train commonly called a doubleheader.

What weighs more, hot or cold water?
Fact: Hot water.

What college forbade all students to play football?
Fact: In 1822, Timothy Dwight, President of Yale College, forbade all students to play football.

What for famous lawyers in the U.S. never went to law school?
Fact: Daniel Webster, Abraham Lincoln, John Marshall, and Stephen A. Douglas never attended law school.

How many descendents of Johann Sebastian Bach have been church orgainists?
Fact: More than 100 descendants.

What society bowled as we do today only doing it 7,000 years ago?
Fact: The Egyptians.

What mineral substance conducts sound 10 times faster than air?
Fact: Granite.

Who invented the game known as lacrosse?
Fact: The American Indian.

How much bigger is the sun compared to the size of earth?
Fact: 330,330 times as large as earth.

What is the act of snapping your fingers called?
Fact: It is called "fillip".

Which is the world's widest river?
Fact: The Amazon.

Why is Chicago called the windy city?
Fact: Refers to the nickname that the New York city press called Chicago given it's promotional campaign in 1893 related to the Woeld's Columbian Exposition that offended the people of New York.

Why do Mexicans call Americans "gringos"?
Fact: Came from the Spanish word, used as an insult, meaning someone who is fair-skinned and looks foreign.

Why do we call a computer problem a 'bug'?
Fact: The first large scale computer developed for the Navy in 1945 had an unexplained problem that was found to be caused by a bug or moth caught in the relay system, thus, unexplained computer problems came to be known as a bug.

Where did the term "rookie" come from?
Fact: Came from veterans in the Civil War who called untrained soldiers 'reckies' which in time became 'rookies'.

Why do we use tombstones?
Fact: Althoug marking a persons final resting place, the custom started with the idea that a heavy stone would prevent a departed spirit from rising and inhabiting a living person.

Where did the term "Tin Pan Alley" come from?
Fact: The term orignated in the New York song publishing industry in a street of that name off of Times Square. The name came from the 1800 era where pianos sounded tinny as they were played in publishers open windowed offices.

How many movies are made in Hollywood on an annual basis?
Fact: There have been no movies made in Hollywood proper since 1911 since a town ordinance forbade this practice.

Why is the self-employed professional called a "freelancer"?
Fact: Knights, between 14th and 16th century with no particular allegiance, sold their skill with lances for money, and, were then referred to as freelancers by nineteenth century writers.

How did Clark Kent get his name?
Fact: It is reputed to have come from the combination of "Clark" Gable and "Kent" Taylor.

Whatever happened to Mortimer Mouse?
Fact: The name Mortimer was used originally for Walt Disney's 1928 cartoon "plane Crazy". Disney renamed "Mortimer" to "Mickey" because his wife didn't like the name.

Why did men start to shave their faces?
Fact: It began because of Alexander the Great given that he could not grow much facial hair so scraped it off with a knife, and, not wanting to offend him, those close to him did the same.

In a democracy, what we mean by the fourth and fifth estate?
Fact: The fourth can mean different things at different times, but once referred to the press and also to the army, whereas, the fifth estate refers to radio and television.

Where did the term "Rob Peter to pay Paul" come from?
Fact: It came from the mid 1700s when the newer St. Peter's Cathedral had to absorb the repair funds for the crumbling St. Paul's, and the parishioners of St. Peter's resented this and came up with the rallying cry, they're "robbing Peter to pay Paul".

How do you get coffee out of material without using a modern chemical cleaner?
Fact: Mix the yolk of an egg with warm water, apply to fabric with a sponge, and then rinse with cool water.

What natural product can you use for chapped lips?
Fact: .Use olive oil and apply several times a day.

Who was one of the foundong fathers for the United States and was the only founding father to be inducted into the International Swimming Hall of Fame?
Fact: Benjamin Franklin.

How do you clear your sinuses with natural product?
Fact: You can use a good amount of horseradish on your sandwich.

What natural garden product was worn by 17th century Londerers to protect them against the great plague?
Fact: Lavender was worn around their wrists.

What former Cardinals first baseman believed there was only one hit in a bat?
Fact: Orlando Cepeda would discard his bat after making one hit.

What was the first U.S. coin in circulation to feature a President's likeness?
Fact: It was the Lincoln penny issued in 1909.

Where did 'sold down the river' come from?
Fact: It came from the practice of selling off difficult or troublesome northern slaves to southern slave markets down the Mississippi River in Natchez or New Orleans when, after 1808, it was illegal for southerns to import slaves.

Where did the term 'hat-trick' used in hockey originate?
Fact: Originally used in English cricket that described a bowler making three crickets on successive balls. The term reputed to be used in hockey in the early 1900s.

How many thunderstorms are there across the world at any one time?
Fact: It has been reported that an estimated 18,000 thunderstorms are going on at any one time, and with an estimated 100 bolts of lightning striking the earth each second .

What two states in the U.S. do not engage in daylight saving?
Fact: Hawaii and Arizona .

Where did the term 'sidetracked' come from?
Fact: Came from railroads where a train pulling onto a siding referred to a train being sidetracked.

Where did the term 'blonde bombshell' come from?
Fact: The term used to describe a sexy woman with blonde hair came from a 1933 movie with Jean Harlow where the film title was revised from 'Bombshell' to 'Blonde Bombshell'.

Who was Moma Lisa in da Vinci's famous masterpiece?
Fact: It is a portrait of Lisa Gherardini, the wife of a Florentine merchant.

Where did the expression 'frog in his throat' come from?
Fact: It came from an actual medical practice in the Middle Ages where a frog was placed headfirst into a throat as a cure for a throat condition thinking that the frog would inhale the cause of the hoarseness.

Where did the practice of rolling out a red carpet start?
Fact: First started in the 1930s in US when a red carpet led passengers to the Twentieth Century Limited, a first class train from New York to Chicago.

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